ff Same-Day Paycard

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Introducing Rellevate's PayCard

A Revolutionary New Type of Paycard

Innovating How and When Your Employees Get Paid

PayCard + Pay Any-Day

Helps to meet temporary Paycheck-to-Paycheck cash flow challenges.

Rellevate advances “Earned Wages” to Employees between scheduled pay periods with Pay Any-Day

Up to 50% of pay immediately available.

No Cost or Risk to The Employer

  •  Rellevate funds advance - Not the employer

$2.95 per same-day advance (next day - no fee)

  • It’s not a loan – No interest charged

Automatic Repayment to Rellevate on Payday

Benefits of the Rellevate PayCard

For the Employee

- Low-Cost, High-Performance Money Movement System + Pay Any-Day

- Rellevate Visa® PayCard: Use at millions of locations.

- Worldwide ATM Access: 55K+ ATM’s w/ 2 no-fee withdrawals/monthly.

- Send Money and Instant Send Money: Using the Rellevate App.

- Bill Pay: Pay bills safely and securely online.

For the Employer

- Onboard New Hires Efficiently and Immediately

- Immediate new hire activation

- Pay Cards: On-site cards & inventory controls.

- Available for all employees: Age 16 and over.

- Significant reduction/elimination of paper checks.

- Employee retention and recruitment tool.

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